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Legs in Leggings: Quads Not Included Featured

Written by  6ft1swell
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Meet Jill Rudison, IFBB Physique Pro, resident of Venice, California, and via her online business Quads Not Included, purveyor of high quality leggings (although being American, Jill calls them tights). I thrive on training hard and love feeling & looking hot while doing it! Dope clothing just makes everything better! she says.
left: "Zebra"; right: "Japanime"
Having started out flogging her ‘fun tights collection’ via her InstagramQuads Not Included now has its own website, where they are available for $30 a pair. You can find my tights on other online sites for well over $70... Jill says, OR you can just buy them from me and save yourself some $eriou$ dough! Use the extra to treat yourself to shoes!!! :D
left: "Sunrise Sunset"; right: "Leopard Legs"
Buyer beware though, because not every lady is going to look as good in her leggings as muscle women like Jill (and her 25-inch quads) do. The name of her store is, therefore, quite appropriate.
left to right: "Film Noir", "British Invasion", "Neon Leopard"
Because I don’t want to be cruel or anything but a lot of women out there seem to think that leggings make their legs look shapely rather than admitting the truth that you need shapely legs to look good in leggings. And I'm not talking about wearing them for exercise, because nobody likes chafing, that's fine. I'm talking about jelly women wobbling along in public seemingly under the impression that their leggings are tightening up all that excess fat and making them look slimmer.
left: "Jellyfit"; right: "Star Wars"
Perhaps a Quads Not Included sign should be displayed by law in any store you can buy leggings. With a picture of Jill perhaps. A little reminder that if you are going to look good in them, you're going to have to put in some gym time first. You're going to need some muscle.
left: "Earn Those Stripes"; right: "Let Me See Your Peacock"
Examples of the right kind of legs in leggings will be coming your way all week.

Authors: 6ft1swell

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